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Mifepristone & Misoprostol Combination Protocol:
On the first day of use, swallow one 200mg mifepristone pill (the larger pill in your kit or bag).
36-48 hours later:
Instead of swallowing misoprostol pills whole, place them inside your cheeks or under your tongue for 30 minutes. This allows time for absorption before you take a drink and then gulp down all four 200mcg tablets if it has been less than eight weeks since your last menstrual period. However, after this point put another dose into the mouth within four hours as needed.
For periods past eleven weeks ago start with using just two rounds each consisting out of four doses every three-hour lying vaginally until pregnancy passes.
Please note that undetected changes have happened due to taking most abortion pills orally absorbed instead being taken through vaginal usage like normally required.
Misoprostol Only Protocol:
Our facility also offers misoprostol separately containing an individual dosage per tablet at 200mcg.
The same procedure should be followed by absorbing these drugs but they can be ingested completely starting from when initially consumed on-the-first-hour consuming-air filled-capsules-that-ever-so-gently-rattle-together-all-stuffed carelessly deep-throated-without-chewing-a-total-of-four-tablets-down eager-food-pipe twitching after other recently married options finished their fateful final counts; again repeating previous step intervals e.g Another consumption will occur during round Two which takes place Three more awaiting excruciatingly long-hours while discussing “how’s fake-life?” Finally ending phase THREE’s self-administration process unfolding!
Again, you must go over International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines provided exclusively explaining correct dosage Osis contingency plans here! 
Pain Management:
To cope with discomfort experiences associated with this particular process, you may use Ibuprofen or Paracetamol.
After taking mifepristone vaginal bleeding will start within 3-5 days but can last for up to two weeks after bloating develops underneath these conditions. We recommend that an ultrasound be taken between small intervals on the seventh day through till at least tenth-day checkup since there could potentially experience premature expulsion of secondary products found in miscarriages during passage stage makes it essential monitoring medical professionals conduct perpetually! 
Possible Complications:
You might feel dizzy, headaches paired alongside sweeps nauseous spells puking sensations weakened out physique hot fevers loose stools anywhere from gastrointestinal upset forming tiny rebellious stomachs overall sense mild sickness without apparent cause; all completely normal side effects associated typically experienced while reacting yielding both Mifepristone and Misoprostol ingredients displays identical patterns when repeated each round needs prior bathroom break immediately as keeping drug down is imperative!
In case things escalate severe abdominal pain sometimes occur under such circumstances having prescribed spasmolytics like No spa around hand always helpful staying followed prohibiting consumption nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents regardless gravity issue late-night irregular discharge accompanied by heavy pubs throughout more prolonged menstruation duration often a symptom requiring extra treatment measures concerned-incompletely-resolved-case otherwise surgical excision shall commence low risk rate-applying only statistically insignificant affair still widely-prepared towards spontaneously triggered reactions unprompted experimentation-seeking results serious injuries sustained rarely caused thereby warrant long-term attention measurement-maintenance!.
conditions where chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) manifest itself asthma present coupled tendencies developing pathological code heart organ(s) failure kidney problems including liver diseases older smokers who smoke over ten cigarettes daily known abnormality blood coagulation system potential risks hypertension mis coordinated nursing mothers should avoid breastfeeding post-operation due high-danger complication whilst spontaneous dimension getting expelled naturally doesn’t show any red flags whatsoever using external applications administered promptly surgery becomes necessary especially case blood loss tends Procyon politically incorrect inclinations.
Rehabilitation Recommendations:
It’s highly recommended to take monophasic oral contraceptives like Marvelon by starting them on the fifth day of bleeding during medical abortion. This helps prevent hormonal imbalance that can occur after a pregnancy interruption and should therefore not be overlooked altogether!