Raymi from the US

So I made an order last week and I was super hesitant to place to order because I was sending a high amount to a person named Richard on zelle. The money went through and on the website it says as soon as you place your order, you will receive a tracking number. I never received that number and I emailed them 4 times and still no response. Although they never answered back , I did receive my items in 3-4 days. Yes their communication is not the best but you will get your order in the time frame you purchase for.


James from Australia

Had to email three times to get the tracking number, but apparently the package was already shipped, which I noticed afterwards. Was freaking out. Anyway, we received the kit in 2 weeks (paid for standard shipping).


Gwen from London

Was definitely sketched out at first but I promise it’s legit guys! Got my package 2 weeks after ordering in very discreet packaging with clear English instructions. I will warn you the pain is intense make sure you’re at home with someone you trust.


Anne from UK

Paid for order the night of December 23 CST. Received email receipt, but never shipping confirmation or tracking number. I have emailed customer support multiple times and never received a response. I paid for rush shipping. THIS IS TIME-SENSITIVE MEDICATION! I need my tracking number or my money back.

Reply from Medside24:

Your order was delivered on time (January 3rd) taking into account Christmas holidays: TRACKING DETAIL HERE 

10 Jan 2023



Received, thank you. EU kit is real. Thank you for your help.


Edward from the US

I started the ordering process on January 9th 2023 i did order the fast shipping option. I was really skeptical on buying because of all the scams that go on online and after a couple days i reached out to asked if it was shipped out or if there was a tracking number. I did unfortunately have to reach out a couple of times but finally Chris reached out and gave my a tracking number that was one of my nerves put at ease since i also do work at UPS i knew it wasn’t a fake tracking number.January 18th 2023 i finally received the product i immediately took the first pill ( mifepristone) within the first 24 hours i honestly didnt think it was working i didn’t feel any cramps nor my body doing anything different. But im a believer im trusting the process at this point. 36 hours later i inserted the next dosage ( misoprostol) i put two tablets in each side of my cheeks. I was advised to leave them in my cheeks for 30 min but i honestly went a little longer and did 45 mins i then swolled the rest with some water. The pills don’t taste like anything but they are very chalky. I threw up a few times afterwards so i really didn’t think it was going to work but an hour and a half after swallowing the remaining of the tablets i started bleeding. Then the cramps came and let me tell you these were terrible, but i knew it wasn’t going to be a fun experience ive literally been in bed all day so i highly recommend you stay at home or in a trusted place where you can lounge around all day by a bathroom with no worries of having to do anything. My clots were huge. Im not even sure how far along i was so i couldn’t tell you but the worst part of the cramps were about 6- 10 hours in. After roughly 10 hours the cramps stopped and now im at a normal like period.Im glad i trusted this process. Like i said its not a pleasant experience but it does what it needs to do. I highly recommend buying depends (adult diapers) as well and wearing those throughout the worst part of it. It is alot of bleeding and alot of tissue/clots being passed. The biggest clot i passed was about a softball size i didnt go to the hospital only because i only had one clot that size. But if you feel you need to go in obviously please do so!I also recommend something stronger than ibprophen or tylenol if you have something. I fortunately have oxycodone 5mg that helped me tremendously with the pain and i also used a heating rice pack. I recommend trying not to eat anything or if you need something in your stomach suck on popsicles just incase you were to vomit it was easier on my stomach to throw up liquid than solid food.I promise you this is the real deal and it works! Trust the process like i did and follow the instructions as instructed. I get mishaps happen but thats rare. I also eased my mind by reading other stories to help me get through what i was experiencing with this process.I wish you all the best of luck i hope my story will help you go through yours😊